Double-arm casing machine

High efficiency: can be wound at the same time two casing, compared to the single arm winding machine, improve the winding efficiency of a single product High precision: mechanical precision is usually higher than the single arm winding machine, can ensure the quality and consistency of the winding Good stability: it can still maintain stable performance in long-term work, reducing the possibility of failure Space saving: can be operated in a limited space, suitable for use in a small space environment Strong adjustability: machine parameters can be adjusted according to different needs to meet different winding needs Easy to operate: The operation is usually relatively simple, easy to use, and does not require too much professional knowledge Easy to maintain: structure and design are usually relatively simple, and maintenance is also relatively easy Strong adaptability: it can be applied to various casing materials and specifications, with strong adaptability Save manpower: can automatically winding operation, reducing manpower requirements, saving labor costs High reliability: design and manufacture are usually strictly tested and inspected, with high reliability


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